10 Badass Women Killing the Entrepreneurship game

We all know that women are entering the workforce with the cards stacked against them.

By: Tatiana Cortes

Real talk, ladies – if you have a great idea for a business, you’re going to have to fight tooth and nail to make sure your ideas are heard.

With that in mind things haven’t improved for women seeking funding. In fact, things have worsened. There are all kinds of reasons for this inequality – but performance isn’t one of them. So in this blog we have 10 women who are killing the entreprenurial game:

Natalie Ellis

Bossbabe herself, Natalie is the CEO and co-founder of the largest online movement of ambitious women. She is one hell of a badass woman who knows a thing or two about building an empire online, with over six million tags on social media alone. Whether you are an entrepreneur yourself, social media influencer, businesswoman, or just wanting some inspo, read on – if she did it, so can you!

Marie Forleo

A life coach, motivational speaker, writer, philanthropist, and an unshakable optimist – Owner of Marie Forleo International. Founder of a socially conscious digital empire that touches millions. She offers online training programs to help people dream big and back it up with meaningful action, creating results. She is definitely one to look up to!

Jenna Kutcher

Obsessed with teaching others how to make a living doing what they love, Jenna is helping dreamers run authentic, profitable businesses. She started as a wedding photographer with a $300 Craigslist camera, hustling to build her business. She now hosts the Goal Digger podcast, which has over 18.6 million downloads, teaching courses on social media and online marketing strategies. She is a firm believer that hard work combined with passion does pay off.

Jasmine Star