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10 Benefits of Meditating

Just as it is important to eat healthy, get sufficient sleep, exercise, and adopt healthy habits, it is also essential to work on the strongest muscle – Our mind.

By:Tatiana Cortes

 “Who has time to meditate?” we often think.

With the everyday routine of an entrepreneur, the day is just not long enough – It’s as if we’re running a daily marathon, where stress can become our BFF. This is why it’s imperative to stop and rethink about meditation as the most effective practice to cope with stress.

Just as it is important to eat healthy, get sufficient sleep, exercise, and adopt healthy habits, it is also essential to work on the strongest muscle – Our mind. If we pay close attention, many successful business leaders and entrepreneurs incorporate meditation in their busy schedules. And that is because the beauty of mediation has pretty extensive benefits.

So, stop lagging and start with something as simple as carving out ten minutes from your daily morning ritual to meditate every day. 

Not totally convinced yet? Just to list a few, here are some reasons why mediation can help prepare you for business success:

1. It Will Enhance Your Memory

Successful entrepreneurs must quickly process and learn information and recall that information when needed.  It turns out meditation is a good way to give yourself a boost in this area. Researchers have found that meditation stimulates areas of the brain associated with memory, concentration and learning. It also helps increase gray matter volume, including bolstering areas of the brain that assist with learning, cognition or emotional regulation.

2. It Will Steer You away From Pessimism

Some of us fall into negative thought patterns or pessimistic ruminations from time to time. Obsessively dwelling on past failures, frustrations and regrets can eat away your confidence and cloud your mind. Meditation is a powerful aid in breaking these negative thought patterns. A way to eliminate negative thoughts is to repeat a mantra to yourself, such as “Let it go.” Saying positive words to yourself is one of the oldest and most effective ways of mediation, showing positive results if done consistently.

3. It Will Expand Your Intellect & Boost Accuracy

With age our mental capacity deteriorates. However, meditation is like a workout for your brain. It can improve your overall brain health and build your mental capacity – This makes sense because when you meditate, you’re essentially practicing concentration and laser-like focus. Researchers found that Buddhist monks, who meditate regularly, performed far better on concentration tests that the average person. Those who meditate regularly increase their concentration, attention to detail, and level of accuracy. Meditation also changes the brain’s structure and increases mental activity and agility – making your brain more powerful.

4. It Will Keep Negative Emotions at Bay

Negative emotions have a myriad of detrimental impacts on our personal and professional lives; Resulting in hurtful feelings and low morale, making it harder to succeed. Meditation allows us to recognize and control negative emotions by helping us process and accept what we are feeling and then assisting us on releasing those feelings.

5. It Will Help You Create Better Relationships

Daily meditation incites higher levels of satisfaction in your relationships with others. It helps to handle conflict, it builds emotional resilience, and it helps you become a more attuned communicator. You become more mindful, flexible and conscious when reacting to those around you.

6. It Will Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Dealing with chronic stress, tension or anxiety can lead to long lasting effects on your health. Meditation can help clear that daily overload that causes stress. When you meditate it gives you a sense of peace, it calms you and allows to gain new perspectives in stressful situations.

7. It Will Tap Into Your Creative Side

Innovation is the key to success! How awesome would it be to de-clutter your mind and pump up your creativity? Meditation increases “divergent thinking” and helps with the idea-making part of your brain.

“One conscious breath – in and out – is a meditation. Your mind will thank you for it.”

- Eckhart Tolle.

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