10 Tips to Grow Your Facebook Community

So, you have created your Facebook group and you’re all done with the finishing touches.

You have a beautiful cover photo, you’ve set your group rules, and overall your group is looking pretty snazzy – But so far there are not too many like-minded people rushing and eager to join your group page.

You start to wonder why did you even bothered with all this effort? Your Facebook group is useless if it’s not full of engaged members who fit your target market. But don’t give up just yet! there are plenty of simple strategies to grow your group.

The following are tips to grow your Facebook community:

1. Add a link to your Facebook group

Adding a link in your welcome page menu of your blog page and/or website. This is the easiest way to lure loads of the right people to your Facebook group. In all likelihood these are the exact target audience because they read your blogs or visit your page already.

2. Add your Facebook group link in your email signature

This way, every single email you send will be an opportunity to gain a new member. You need to do this in a creative way like, “Join my free FB entrepreneurship group.” This will make it uncomplicated for people to join your group with the click of a button.

3. Promote it on YouTube

There is no surprise in saying that video content is taking the business world by storm – If content is king, video content is surely queen! Use text overlays in your videos to prompt viewers to join your group, have a link to your Facebook group in every video (in the description), mention your group as a CTA at the end of your videos.

4. Promote it on your Instagram Bio

IG grants you one tiny spot to make a big first impression where you can add one link only (I know! Hard to choose which one). However, if you’re in the beginning stages of growing your Facebook group, the smartest move will be to use that link for your Facebook group as long as possible.

5. Link to your business page from your personal profile

This is such a simple thing to do, yet very few actually do it. Let all your Facebook contacts know that you have a business page that they might be interested in, where they can follow your business updates.

6. Occasionally share your Facebook page content on your personal profile

Occasionally you can share something cool from your Facebook business page to your personal profile. This might interest some of your professional “friends” and pursue them to follow your group if they haven’t yet. They can also share your post with their friends inviting potential new followers to your page.