3 Easy Steps to Creating Instagram Reels

Reels are the newest way to engage with your Instagram community and reach a wider audience. And as a matter of fact, they are a REAL growth hack right now.

Because Instagram wants you to use them and wants your audience to use them, they are pushing reels to the top of the feed and explore page, making more people see your content.

So if you are looking for a way to grow your audience quickly, Reels are the way to go.

If you have no experience with Reels but have some experience with stories, you should have no problem transitioning to Reels as the two formats are similar.

However, if you are brand new to the reels game, let’s start with the basics:

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are a completely new format that allows you to record and edit 15 or 30-second multi-clip videos directly on Instagram.

You can use popular trending songs or produce your own audio and share it to your feed (your reel will appear on your main profile grid), and, if your account is public, you can make them available to a broader audience through a new Reels space on the Explore page.

That means that even people who don’t follow you can see and engage with your reels — that’s a significant engagement hack and tremendous opportunity to grow your following!

Now that you are familiar with Reels let’s get down to business!

Step #1: Select Your Music, Speed, and Filters

First start by opening the Instagram Stories camera and selecting the Reels option.

Before you start recording, you can search for a song from the Instagram music library for your reel, or you can use your own original audio by simply recording a reel with it. Once you’ve selected your song, you can choose which part of the song you want to feature.