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7 Types of Instagram Feed Layouts

Instagram is a visual-centric platform with more than a billion monthly users – So, if there is only one thing you want, is to have an impressive visual presentation on your feed.

By: Tatiana Cortes

Visual appeal is the key factor for Instagram success as an entrepreneur, but how can you accomplish that?

By having an Instagram grid layout!

Think of Instagram as a magazine. People arrive on your feed and see your whole layout.


If they like what they see, they will follow you.

We have gathered a few of the most powerful feed templates to stick to, if you haven’t done so yet:

Diagonal Insta Grid

For those Instagramers that value consistency this is your grid. If you’re an eCommerce store, specializing in two or three product types, this layout can be used to highlight each of your products.

You want to use two to three themes – Or for instance, if you’re a blogger specializing in food and travel, you could post your travel posts and food posts in separate diagonal lines. So, you will need a little bit of planning for this one.

Squares Insta Grid

Squares is the most common and easy layout idea. Upload one photo at a time, not focusing on your post’s overall impact on your feed.

This doesn’t mean you can upload photos at random, you’ll have to follow a consistent theme, filter or color combination. The disadvantage to this layout is that you don’t maximize the grid’s overall effect on your feed.

Rainbow Insta Grid

This is one of the most impressive grids, there is just something amazing about the color transitioning as you scroll down the feed.

This layout will definitely make your feed stand out - It’s ideal if you’re an influencer, graphic designer, photographer or design agency. Pay attention to the transition of one color to the next, to make sure posts don’t seem out of place because it will be noticeable.

Checkerboard Insta Grid

This grid alternates between two colors or post types. Most brands that use this layout alternate between visuals and quotes. So, its important for you to consider how important are words and messages on your Insta feed; And if its better to stick to visuals or alternate between words.

Make sure that both, words and visuals are focusing on the same message you want your followers to grasp.

Vertical Insta Grid (line in the middle)

This layout displays one relevant quote per row. You don’t follow a color scheme throughout your feed, instead you make each row aesthetically consistent; Only changing your color scheme after you move to the next row.

You need visual consistency for post in the middle and you can accomplish this by using the same background but altering font and color.

Row by Row Insta Grid

This layout is perfect if you want to use your Insta feed to tell a story. As you scroll down the feed with different rows, your eyes will naturally move from left to right – Sort of like reading a magazine.

This is a good layout for travel influences and agencies with a unique story to tell every now and then.

Puzzle Insta Grid

If you want to step up your grid layout game, the puzzle layout is the one. Each photo post makes part of a greater picture when someone looks at your feed.

Make sure you maintain high quality of each single image after you split it and that each individual photo post makes sense on its own.

If this article was helpful, please leave us a comment.

And if you want more tips to plan your grid, make sure to send us a message!

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