Best Apps For Entrepreneurs

We’ve done our extensive app research and have condensed the best apps for you.

By: Tatiana Cortes

Being an entrepreneur is a rewarding experience, but sometimes it can get overwhelming. You face many challenges trying to organize and operate your business or businesses. Often being pulled in many directions all at once, dealing with anything that pops up. From making connections, to keeping ideas flowing, to doing extensive research, gathering and managing resources, maintaining communication, building your brand presence, reaching new clients – There’s just not enough hours in the day!

Thankfully there are many apps that can help you take a little bit of the load off your shoulders, making the never-ending to do list more manageable. We’ve done our extensive app research and have condensed the best apps for you.


Known best for organization and general productivity, Evernote is a must for entrepreneurs! With this app you can create links, checklists, record audios and send attachments. You can create notes and journaling, store contacts and even have storage for tweets or emails that you want to keep handy. The app will help you manage your documents, notes, and research. You can also use this app to connect with all your team members to get projects and work done.


Nothing like Trello for project management. This app is highly visual and there is nothing better than to be able to visualize your work, right? You can add items or tasks to Trello in the form of cards and drag completed tasks off your board; this helps you visualize what you’re working on today and what you need to do next. You can attach files, create checklists, and assign members to each card so they’re updated as the status of the project progresses.

G Suite & Google Docs

With G Suite app you can make it happen regardless of where you are. This app allows you to create documents, presentations, and spreadsheets using a browser. You can share these with others, access and edit this files from anywhere. You can also manage business emails using the Gmail interface – This app is fast and effective.