Best Apps to Help You B​udget

As an entrepreneur with a busy schedule you are force to wear a lot of hats to run your small business and an essential one is budgeting and financial organization.

By: Tatiana Cortes

There is nothing more essential than money, especially when running a business – You need money to make money. We have compiled the best apps that help you budget, because organization helps you save money and keep track of where your money is spent.

Mint App

Mint is speedy and reliable with a useful-clean design. Your spending habits, income, and other financial transactions can be closely analyzed. With the budgeting tool, you can visualize your monthly spending and look at historical data for previous months; allowing you to see short-term and long-term spending habits. It will help you set financial goals – such as escaping credit-card debt or saving money. It will also send push notifications for bills and warnings when you’re close to the budget limit for a certain category.


Like Mint, but this app can be used by couples. The Goodbudget app is based around the “envelope system” of planning a budget. This is based on the idea that couples combined incomes and divide it into separate compartments like rent, phone bill, etc. It computes a budget allowing you and your partner to place defined amounts of money into each “envelope.”


As in You Need A Budget, this app helps you stop living paycheck to paycheck, pay down debt, and be able to take some punches if anything unexpectedly arises. With the believe that every dollar has a job in your personal budget, the app forces you to live within your actual income and keeps you accountable - Helping you see what you need to do different if you get off track. You not only have the ability to set up a weekly or monthly budget, but you can also set up budgets for individual projects like your next “Europe vacation.”