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Fashion Trends Coming in Spring

Fashion trends change so rapidly that is hard to keep up. And let’s keep it real, not because something is “in” it means you’ll want to wear it – it’s called personal taste.

By: Tatiana Cortes

Nevertheless, spring 2020 promises a diverse lineup of looks that you’re bound to want to embrace at least one of the trends. Here is what we have coming:

Short Suits:

Specifically Bermuda short suits. Putting a twist on the classic suit designers from hundreds of fashion shows have embraced Bermuda short suit for spring. This is not just a warm-weather look, the suits are being paired with sandals, mules, and knee-high boots; meaning this look may even see us through the fall.

Hot Pants:

They’re coming back y’all. The short shorts fashion trend first took off in the 1950s, when this trend was perceived as an abomination, a disgraced to humanity, and an advertisement for adultery. Yet, the hot pants continued to pop up in fashion and some decades later, hot pants are once again having a moment.

Colorful Leather:

Like leather shirts, dresses, and coats but not in your usual colors. We’re talking burnt orange, bright red, baby blue – something called “spring leather”.

Bra Tops:

You might think it would not be too wearable, but throw a jacket on top. Even button up the jacket so the bra just peeps out a little at the top. Or if you’re brave enough rock your bra with high rise pants – This trend is an incentive to get in shape for spring and workout 30 minutes every day.

Tropical Prints:

It’s all about the tropics! A standout print on the runways this season and it does carry an important message about climate change and the urgency of protecting the environment.

The Disco Collar:

This retro trend is making a return to fashion. Either wearing it with contrasting colors to make it really stand out or if it’s just too bold for you, wear a more relaxed neutral coat with other neutral shades for an understated look.

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