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How to Achieve The Perfect Flat Lay Photo

Good photography is key!

By: Tatiana Cortes

Flat lay photos are a perfect way to showcase your small business or up your personal branding game – Taking your photo-posts from “nice” to “are you a Vogue production designer?!”  So, here are some tips on how to create flat lays that pop off your page:


keep things simple! A plain background works well because it won’t distract from your props. The simplest and work-for-all background to use is a white one, or light pastel colors to fit the mood or the concept of the flat lay. Textures like wood, concrete or fabric are also a good idea as long as it harmonizes and compliments your composition.


Unless you are a professional photographer with proper lighting equipment, you need to always take your flat lays in natural light. Bright-lit photos are always better than dark ones and the flash on your camera isn’t going to cut it. Find a window or go outside to get that natural and balanced illumination. 

Theme & Props

Choose a theme for your flat lay, similar or contrasting colors, tones, daily routine or a particular story you want to tell. The point of your flat lay is to create a tone or a vibe. After deciding on you theme, prepare the props that are related to your theme. If you are unsure of which props to include, bring them all! Once you’re setting up your flat lay props will fall into place finding out their own way. 

Play around

There is usually one larger item that anchors your image, there are many ways you can compose and assemble your props – Don’t just stick to one style! Play around with them, line them up, mix-match sizes big and small, bring hands in the frame to display human presence in a creative way.  

Use Editing Apps

Try using different filters on your pictures or adding a text to your image – it’s a great way to articulate the message you are trying to convey. Some simple edits can give your flat lay that final finishing touch that was missing. It could be cropping, adjusting your saturation, your contrast, or adding a hint of sharpness.

Now go create some awesome flat lays!

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