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How to Be Assertive as a Female Entrepreneur

Society often perceives strong, intelligent, independent women as intimidating – They either see us as fascinating or down-right scary, no middle ground.

So, how do you assert yourself as a Boss Woman? Here are a few top-tips to assert yourself as a positive, confident and engaged Boss Woman:

Know Your Worth and Remember Why You Are the Boss

First things first, you must know your worth and what you bring to the table. Sometimes as women we undervalue ourselves – One of the biggest challenges we face is that no matter how successful or accomplished we are, we tend at times to question our skills. Gender norms, cultural expectations, and the subtle ways girls are treated different than boys play a role in the perception of ourselves. Recognizing these pressures, making your professional goals a priority, and acknowledging what you have to offer will give you the confidence you need as a women entrepreneur. Starting a new business can be an epic journey of WTF so you need to work on building your trust, take risks, try new things, challenge yourself, take on lifelong battles, look back at what you have accomplished and continue to strive for SUCCESS. 

Allow People to Disagree

As entrepreneurs, we are passionate about our beliefs, but it is important to allow people to disagree. Listen for the fears behind people’s doubts and the beliefs behind their stories. If you name their worries and acknowledge their beliefs, they will feel validated – More likely to hear your answer to their concerns and the reasons why you have an alternative viewpoint. Disagreement is needed for smart

decision-making, but is always important to

seek common ground.

Lead a Revolution Instead of a Rebellion

Rebellions focus on complaining and blame, you often come off as narrow-minded even when you feel passionately right about what you think is wrong. Revolution is about inspiring people to come together to create something new. You build on hope and possibility. 

Support Other Women

It is important to take pride in the work you do, to celebrate the wins accomplished due to your resilience and strength you hold as a woman. Keeping a group of badass, like-minded, driven women around you it’s also very important for development and growth. Admire your friends and celebrate their achievements; when women support each other, and stick together they break down all kinds of barriers.

“Real queens fix each other’s crowns.”

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