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How to Be Your Own Best Boss

The best feeling ever is when entrepreneurship becomes a reality and you get to be your own boss.

By: Tatiana Cortes

Despite loving your newfound freedom, being your own boss comes with a lot of responsibility. Taking good care of your business requires you to be the best boss you can be, but how can you be your own best boss?

Here are five self-management rules you need to implement to be your own best boss:

1. Define your goals and create a road map

Setting goals – and the right goals – is an important part of performance. Goals that are too high can set you for failure, goals that are too low can waste your potential. Your goals need to be ambitious and realistic, setting milestones can help check your progress regularly, but you also need to create a strategic road map to accomplish these goals. It’s basically the – what do you want and how do you get there – Plan of action. Write down the things you must do to get where you want to go, list them in an order that makes sense and Boom! You have your roadmap. 

2. Review your performance and adjust if needed

Performance review is a must for successful entrepreneurs. Schedule time aside to analyze your past performance every so often. Take yourself out to lunch or to a favorite spot to think about the areas in which you’ve excelled and the skills that you’ve strengthen. Ask yourself if your business is leveraging your talents to their max potential. Reflect on areas for improvement and draw-out a self-improvement plan – Make changes accordingly. 

3. Invest in professional development

Invest in yourself, there is always room for improvement. Use your performance review to highlight the areas that you, as a professional, need to improve. Brainstorm ways to strengthen your skills whether is reading a book, taking a class, attending a conference, listening to podcasts, or reaching out for private coaching. As your professional development evolves, so will      .................................................................................................your business.

4. Build your family tree and share your success

Find one person you totally admire professionally, it could be a writer, a famous life coach mentor, a successful CEO, or whomever – And become obsessed with that person. Read everything you can, watch videos and learn about their life. Learn about a couple of people that had the most influence in their life and how they positively impacted them. Repeat this a few times and Voilà – You have built a virtual family tree of your role models. If you take time to learn about others you will have a greater chance of succeeding. Another thing you must do is celebrate your success: share your story, teach others, spend time with loved ones, create memories, smile, be present – People will feel and never forget that energy.

5. Take a break

Literally! Take some time off, a weekend, a random Thursday, a little getaway, completely disconnect and disappear – Trust me it’s good for the soul. If you can’t take at least one day every week, make it a morning or an afternoon, but take some time off and do something nice for yourself.

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