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How to Design The Perfect Product Catalog

In the era of digital marketing it’s easy to assume that print marketing is dead, but its not! Some businesses use print media to bring their potential costumers online.

By:Tatiana Cortes

There is a bunch of must-haves and useful tips to make sure your catalog project is a hit:

A Database of Product Information

Most businesses already have this kind of database lying around in an Excel sheet or some other software. Your product list should include things like product name, product description, product codes (such as item number) product category, and salient features if applicable. 

High-Resolution Product Images 

You need to have high-quality product images available in high resolution of at least 300 dpi (the higher, the better). If you have low resolution images when printed they might be blurry, grainy or overall just not good quality and you can’t have that!

A Well-Defined Catalog Layout

Of course, you’re going to customize the catalog layout to fit your product needs and your brand identity. But, some of the most common elements are a front and a back cover, a thumb index, a table of contents, chapter separators, and individual product pages.

Tell a Story Using Product Images and Descriptions

Your costumers are not just looking for a bunch of information, they want to know things they really care about – like how your product will fit into their daily lives or what kind of problems will it help solve for them. It is important they have a clear idea about this before they decide if your product is suitable for them. So, you should try to create a story with images and descriptions that tells them everything they want to know about the product. 

Make the Design Appealing to Your Target Audience 

If you want your catalog to really serve as a positive impact, you need to make sure the design is appealing and connects well with your target audience. Consider things such as colors and themes used in the catalog design, they should match the age of your target audience. Attention spans of your target audience should also be consider, as you’ll likely have a lot less time in the hands of a younger audience. 

Take your audience online 

It’s a good way to invite people to visit your website and/or social media page. A catalog plays a crucial role in shaping a brand’s perception in its audience. It only makes sense to find every opportunity to attract your catalog readers, so they choose to visit your digital platforms.

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