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How To Get In a Positive Mindset

Taking responsibility for how you think, act and feel allows everything in your life to fall into place – Becoming the master of your emotions allows you to determine your mindset regardless of outside influences.

By: Tatiana Cortes

In other words, having a positive mindset is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses in the bright side of life independently from the problems that come our way. But how can you get in a positive mindset zone? Here are some tips:

Positive Affirmation

What you think and do in the morning sets the day for the rest of the day. So, start the day with positive affirmations such as, “today will be a good day” or “I’m going to be awesome today.” Make those affirmations personal, meaningful, positive – Write them down so you can see them throughout the day.

Focus On The Positive Things, However Small

Undoubtedly obstacles will come your way throughout the day, but when you encounter them focus on the benefits, no matter how small or unimportant they seem. If you’re stuck in traffic, think about how you have time to listen to the rest of your favorite podcast. If the store is out of the food you want to prepare, think about the thrill of trying something new.

Practice Gratitude

Get in the habit of feeling gratitude for everything in your life. Maybe you haven’t reached your goal yet, but you’re working on it. You’re breathing. You’re alive. You have friends and family. You have shelter/food/clothes – These are the basics and you have that! There are many that don’t have these things. Becoming aware of what you have, often times taken for granted, can help us gather strength and snap us out of greed.

Dopamine Up

Change that chip in your brain to get in the zone. Watch a funny video, look for something that makes you smile, watch someone play an instrument – indulge yourself so your mind is in a positive state.

Failures are Lessons

You are not perfect – You’re going to make mistakes and experience failure in multiple ways with multiple people. Stop focusing on how you failed, think about what you’ve learned out of that experience and how you’re going to do it different next time. Turn your failure into a lesson.

Focus On The Present

Present as in this exact-individual-moment. This will help you feel, when experiencing a difficult situation, that is not as bad as you imagine it to be. Most sources of negativity stem from a memory of a recent event, or the imaginary exaggeration of a potential future event – Stay in the present moment.

Sporadically Have An All-Out WTF Moment

Yes, you’ve read that right! Have your pity party if need be: scream about how much you have to do and how you won’t be able to do it – Throw a private tantrum and snap out of it, you’ve got sh*t to do!

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