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Secrets of a Productive Morning Routine

Mornings are an essential part of the day. A good productive morning routine can set the tone for the rest of the day to be productive as well. Some of us may not be morning-people, but there is something magical about mornings and starting the day right.

By: Tatiana Cortes

So, what is the secret to starting your morning off right? What habits can you acquire? Maybe your not even sure where to start. Dont worry, We have compiled a list of effective habits to create a productive morning routine. 

No Snoozing

Hitting “snooze” gives you a few extra minutes of sleep, but research proves that the habit has negative effects on your health overall. Why? The more you snooze, the more confused your body and brain become, leaving you groggy once you pull back the covers. According to research, this kind of sleep inertia can last for up to four hours after you leave your bed. By skipping that oh-so-tempting extra five or ten minutes, your body can recognize you’ve begun the day and you’ll wake feeling more refreshed and ready to have your most productive morning ever.  

Make Your Bed

Mom was right about this one! Making your bed should be on your daily morning routine checklist. Survey shows that making your bed regularly can make you happier and more productive. In a survey conducted by Best Mattress Brand, 82 percent of participants reported having more productive days after making their beds. Another survey revealed that those who made their beds tended to be more adventurous, social, and confident than those who did not. 

Get Some Sun

Research found that exposing people to a simulated version of morning light made them feel active and less groggy. Daylight resets your circadian clock and helps shift you towards morningness. So, step outside for a cup of coffee or draw your blinds – Try working 15 minutes of daylight into your morning for a productive day.

Get Your AM Workout 

Regular exercise can improve your memory and concentration, increasing sharpness, and decreasing the likelihood of brain fog later in the day. Even if you set a smaller goal of 20 to 30 minutes of morning sweat, you can achieve the health benefits of exercise, increasing your blood flow to the brain, and reducing levels of the body’s natural stress hormones. 


The magic behind meditation is simple in the way in which it activates your parasympathetic nervous system – bringing on deep relaxation while slowing your breathing, increasing your oxygen levels, and improving your circulation. So, get your mediation-game on, this one is known to be one of the millionaire’s success habits. 

Write Down Your Goals

The act of merely writing down your goals is so simple but so effective. Research concluded that those who write down their goals on a regular basis achieved them at a significant higher level than those who did not. Describing your goals in writing is strongly associated with hitting your goals – people who very vividly describe or picture their goals are 50% more likely to successfully accomplish them than those who do not. As part of your morning routine journal include a list of your daily and monthly goals. 

These are some doable-simple steps to a more productive morning, so jump on it!

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