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Tips On Creating Your Perfect Home Office

How do successful entrepreneurs work from home maintaining their productivity, creativity and inspiration?

By: Tatiana Cortes

Many of us dread the rush hour to get to and from work - The traffic, the commotion, the weather often times, and trying to beat the clock to make it on time. These are some of the reasons why working from home is the dream for many. But depending on how your home workspace is designed it can either provide comfort and efficiency or halt maximum productivity.

We have done our research and gathered some common mistakes entrepreneurs make when creating their office space at home:

  • Hanging your plasma screen near your working area and thinking you will be able to “tune it out”

  • Lacking adequate storage space

  • Not having sufficient space for all your working materials

  • Having slow or inefficient equipment

  • Inadequate wire organization (cords & wires everywhere)

When creating your home office, the most important five things to consider are:

1. Equipment. Budget friendly, easy/low maintenance, fast, and efficient are important points to consider when buying equipment. Don’t pay for equipment you will not use on a daily basis, maybe a trip to Staples will suffice your once in a while printing necessity. Wireless equipment is also something worth looking at, you will have the flexibility to work on your laptop and desktop.

2. Lighting. Good lighting is crucial, ideally as much natural daylight as possible. Daylight is the most evenly balance source of white light, not to mention is budget friendly.

3. Privacy. Privacy is important when planning your home office to work effectively and without interruptions. If you can’t set up workspace in a separate room, an alternative is divider walls or bookcases that will help you divide the area and at the same time provide storage space.

4. Layout/Organization. Organization and layout are vital to work efficiently and help relieve stress. You’d be surprised how organization can increase your productivity – Things as simple as pencil cups, trays to keep pending work, business card holders.

5. Ergonomics. Comfort and well-being are essential when creating your workspace. Things like a comfortable chair with good back support, an adjustable desk to be able to alternate between seating and/or standing depending on the hours spent in front of the screen.

Overall you must make the home office space your own, make sure it reflects your personality and that you enjoy being there. With small touches such as your favorite flowers or a memorable picture can positively influence your productivity and creativity.

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