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Tips to Improve Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Are you wondering how to increase your Instagram engagement? Instagram is one of the most favorite social media platforms. 13% of global users are on it and 80% of them follow brands – So, as a marketer, it is inevitable not to tap on that potential.

By: Tatiana Cortes

Here are some powerful marketing Instagram tips that you can use to make the most of this popular platform for all its worth. 

Jack Up Your Profile 

You do not have many characters to say who you are, so choose wisely. Give people a taste of who you are, what you do, and why they should follow you. The only clickable link in your bio so make sure you link this to your most important online asset and update it to feature special events. 

Start with A Goal

What do you hope to gain by using Instagram? Do you want to create a visual portfolio of your work? Give customers a behind the scene peek at what you do? Maybe show a more personal side? If you don’t have a clear goal you will not be able to plan your posts. When using Instagram marketing you should be reassessing your goal and your strategy to accomplish that goal.

Be Consistent 

You want your brand to always be fresh in the minds of your followers. If there is one Instagram content strategy you need to follow is to post content on a regular basis. But, be careful you don’t want to be annoying and flood user’s timelines – Balance is the key. If you need to do more than one posting per day it’s better to add it to your Instagram story. Recommended post times can vary, some experts suggest posting from 8 AM to 9 AM and others from 2 PM to 5 PM.

Be Relevant 

The content of your post is very important and not everything you post should be a product promotion. This will just annoy your followers and you’ll end up having the opposite effect. Be funny, stay away from controversial topics, and don’t stray too far from your brand. Instagram content creation services

Provide Help or Information 

Your social media presence should not be about the “hard sell.” It makes sense to occasionally push offers and deals to your followers, but most important is to answer any questions they have and to offer solutions to their problems. If your followers ask questions, you should respond in a timely manner and if they are buzzing about a problem, you should put together content that speaks directly to it. Have conversations with your followers and connect with other Instagrammers, this will help you with that organic growth on Instagram you have as a goal. 

Create A Hashtag Strategy

With every post, you should do an Instagram marketing analysis to look at the type of content and the number of likes on top-performing posts – If your content matches up, you’ve got yourself a winning hashtag. The number of hashtags you write on a post is also critical, Instagram allows for up to 30. But, a mass of tags underneath your caption looks untargeted and unprofessional. 

These are some of the few steps for an effective Instagram strategy. If you still feel like wait, what is an Instagram strategy? Majesty Digital Marketing is here to help you with your Instagram social marketing, guiding you, and providing Instagram marketing tips you can't afford to ignore. 

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