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Why Every Brand Needs An Instagram Marketing Strategy

If you have not gone all out on your Instagram marketing for your small business, you are behind the curve. Why should a business have an Instagram account? hear us out… Instagram is one of the most important social networks on the market. Over 25 million businesses already have a profile on Instagram and are using it to promote their brand, product services, and client engagement.

By: Tatiana Cortes

Why your business needs a social media strategy? Because there is a lot of competition on this platform and marketers are trying to beat their rivals by creating content that is more creative and authentic. Their goals are to build a community, increase brand awareness, generate leads, start conversations, and enhance customer service. The ideal way of achieving these goals is to post relevant and engaging content, share stories to increase followers and engagement through likes, comments, direct messages, and contact links.

Instagram started off as an image-sharing network and has now become a source of leads and revenue for many small businesses. With the tools, Instagram marketing offers, an effective marketing strategy, and its execution, Instagram can help you build an engaging community that can guarantee and improved brand identity and audience engagement. But, what exactly is an Instagram Marketing strategy? Is a set of goals, actions, and processes defined by your brand to use as a channel for achieving your marketing and business goals. 

Here is why you need to step up your game on your social media marketing for Instagram because it will: 

Boost Your Brand’s Visibility

With over 1 billion monthly active users and with more than 100 million photos being shared daily, your brand will benefit greatly from such exposure. Marketing best works through visibility and if your brand lacks visibility by your target audience -  You’re simply not doing enough. Posting helpful creative content can easily help you increase the number of brand mentions and make your brand more noticeable to others. 

Help You Have a Unique Visual Marketing

The most effective marketing and advertising technique is visual content, if you are just mostly focusing on the text, then you’re losing out big time. I’m sure you’ve heard, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” the same reason why Instagram has become so effective as a marketing tool. With the right content, you can easily put your brand ahead of the game by making it easier for your target audience to share. Video is an incredibly effective marketing tool that should form a large part of your organic Instagram marketing strategy. 

Provide Better Engagement

The power of any marketing today lies in the ability to engage with clients and potential customers. Instagram is King of social engagement according to research, it delivers 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 150 times more engagement per follower than Twitter. If you are looking for a better ROI from your marketing strategy, it’s time to start learning how you can get more real Instagram followers and begin to build your brand. 


Search engine optimization is at the core of any best Instagram marketing strategy. If you are not ranking highly on search engine results pages (SERPs), you simply don’t exist and your target audience will not find you. No one outside of Google really knows what impact social media has on SEO, but there’s enough evidence to suggest it plays a role in rankings, so it will be unwise to ignore this angle if you are serious about SERPs. 

How do you create a strategy on Instagram? We can help! Here at Majesty we provide the best Instagram marketing tips and guide you all the step of the way; Send us an email for more information about our services.

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