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Why Twitter is the Best Platform for Brand Awareness

Why should you use Twitter for brand awareness and marketing for your business? Because it works!

By: Tatiana Cortes

With 326 million active users, Twitter is non-negotiable if you want to connect, have conversations and interact with your costumers. As an entrepreneur, it becomes essential for you to build brand awareness – Especially if it’s cost effective like Twitter.

This powerful social media platform is a place where you switch the “Look at me” to a “Look at this.” You can share your point of view, literally and figuratively. With this said, it is important to vary your content and not only include promotional posts (the equivalent of selfies). Show your followers something, teach them something; turn their attention outward to connect on a more natural level by having a common ground.

The magic of Twitter is not about an original Tweet, but it’s in the reply to that Tweet – And the reply to the reply. It’s the conversation, the engaging, the debate and banter that differentiates this platform. A text-only Tweet, a question, an observation, even an open prompt asking for replies can be the start-up of a conversation engaging costumers and expanding your brand awareness. 

Twitter is the place where brands can show their personality and its ok if you don’t know specifically what that is. Most likely your brand has many sides to it and the only way to find the best one is to experiment. Diversify your brand voice and experiment to find out what resonates best. 

If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, get on it!

Entrepreneurs who are trying to build brand awareness should update their Twitter account at least twice a day, this will gravitate more traffic toward it. Your Tweet could be anything that is related to your professional field but try to limit personal opinion as this is not your personal venting site. Sharing a breaking news story can be an idea; best Tweets are links to additional content combined with #hashtags and keywords.

Events, holidays and daily celebrations that range from #NationalCoffeeDay to #NationalLovePeopleDay can be ways to start conversations; giving your brand an opportunity to engage with your audience in an organic way.

With a limit of 140 characters per Tweet, you might feel limited to get a marketing objective across to your target audience. However, this is not necessarily true – Tweeting a link to a relevant article or even the blog that you run on your website can not only help you expand brand awareness, but also generate incoming traffic to your website. 

Incorporating trending keywords and hashtags into your own Tweets can project your brand to millions of customers. So, are you effectively using Twitter to build brand awareness?  


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